Negative Things To Expect During 2018 Based on Your Zodiac Sign

There are lots of things to be expected in the year to come. That being said, not all of those things are going to be as positive as we would like for them to be.

If you’ve been wondering what challenges 2018 is bringing to you this article can help. These challenges are going to be hard to overcome, but should be faced head-on. Stay strong and remember something positive always comes from the negative and the Universe never brings us to something we can’t handle.


You NEED to slow down; the pace your life is going at is causing you to live a very self-destructive lifestyle. You need to give up any vices you have at the moment and get back to who you truly are. The year 2018 is going to bring you to a rough spot where you will have to make a very important decision, whether you want to stay where you are or move forward as who you are supposed to be.


As a Taurus, you can and do get frustrated easily. During 2018 you will be reflecting inward a lot. You will be experiencing a lot of wanderlust during this year that is not going to resolve itself without some adventure.


Stop wasting your time with people who don’t matter. You are going to have a very HARD realization in 2018, and it may result in making a lot of changes. You are worth so much more than you think, remember that.


During 2018, you are going to be finding parts of yourself that you didn’t know existed, but you are going to lose someone who means a lot to you. Know that during this time your loss is only going to bring about something more important and while you will miss that person you are better off without them. You are on your way to becoming the person you were meant to be but until then lots of heartache is to come.


As a Leo, you are always as strong as you can be, but that is not always strong enough and you need to be aware of this. During this coming year if you have not yet realized that, you will and it won’t be pretty. You will feel as if the world is falling apart and your hold on things has disappeared, just remember you are strong and being vulnerable doesn’t mean you aren’t still capable.


For the Virgo, 2018 is going to change your life. You are going to become more confident, but to an extreme extent. Please, try not to become too egotistical as it is not like you. When you spend too much time in the spotlight rumors are bound to follow and the thing about rumors is they are often untrue and NASTY.


During 2018 you need to remember that you matter. Meeting your own needs should come first. You are going to be giving too much, and it is going to take a serious toll on you. While this may not seem like a serious issue it can land you in bad health if you overdo it.


Your rebellious side may be getting you into some legal troubles if you don’t get a hold on things. However, if you remember to stay true to yourself you can avoid this sort of thing altogether. Please try not to cling to your mistakes.


You will not want to waste any time in 2018, everything is going to happen so fast. While you don’t have to slow down you do need to remember who you are. Be careful who you allow in your life some of the most special people can turn out to be wolves in sheep’s clothing.


You are going to be dealing with a great deal of pain during 2018, but do not let this pain break you. This pain may be emotional or physical, that much is not yet clear but please, be aware that you will get through it. Things will always get better.


You are going to be taking yourself seriously for once during the year to come and it could be a bit hard to get used to. These changes that will have to be made will be changes for the better, but it won’t feel like it at first. Don’t let power go to your head or things will turn to hell quickly.


2018 will be filled with creative energies for you. During this time you need to use these energies to get things done. While something terrible is going to happen in regards to one of your talents you can resolve this and get back to normal if you try hard enough. Nothing can bring you down if you maintain a positive outlook.

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December 7, 2017 at 03:02AM

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