13 Things All Alpha Women Need to Find When It Comes To Love

Alpha Women are strong and fierce; they take charge and are not afraid to speak their mind regardless of the situation. Are you an alpha woman?

These women are used to being confronted and are not about to change who they are for anyone. They are kind and yet still intimidating to most. When it comes to being with an Alpha Woman, you must be prepared. If you don’t know what you are getting yourself into you won’t last long.

“Once a woman is comfortable in her own skin, living her own life and building a foundation by herself; it takes one heck of a man to make her want to sacrifice her independence.”Nikki Rowe

13 Things Alpha Women Need to Find When It Comes To Love:

1. They need someone who can keep up with them.

They need someone who is as driven as they are. Someone who works hard and isn’t afraid to get dirty; sadly, this is hard to find.

2. They need someone willing to grow with them.

They need someone who will want to be there through the good and bad times. Someone who will build a life with them. Your goals need to be similar for this to work.

3. They need someone who will respect them.

The person they choose as a partner has to be someone who respects them. A person who cares for them in the ways they will care for him or her. Respect is one of the most important things in a relationship.

4. They need someone that they can trust.

Trust is important for the alpha female, because they need someone who can be there for them in the ways they need them to. They have to be able to trust this person in all possible ways.

5. They need someone who knows how to let go.

They have to have someone who can let go of mistakes and move on from the past. When you are in a relationship with an Alpha Woman you have to know how to be present since the moment is really all you have. The Alpha Woman is extremely busy.

6. They need someone who can challenge them.

In life and love, we all need someone who is not afraid to challenge us. Someone who is going to be there for them through all of the tough times. They want to be able to compete with their partner on an intellectual, emotional, and physical level.

7. They need someone who understands them.

Understanding the Alpha Woman is no easy feat but it is an important one. If you don’t understand who you are with you won’t be able to maintain a proper relationship. Understanding her on the level she understands you is going to make your relationship last a lot longer.

8. They need someone who can keep them laughing.

The Alpha Woman loves to laugh and when someone can make them laugh they catch feels quickly. If you have a good sense of humor, but also know when to be serious, you will be able to light the candle of her heart. It is not as hard as it seems.

9. They need someone who will keep them informed.

They need someone who will be honest with them. Someone who won’t make them feel bad for things that have happened. If something is going on they need someone who will always make sure they are aware of it.

10. They need someone who doesn’t feel smaller than them.

They need someone who doesn’t find them to be intimidating. Someone who will never put themselves above or below the Alpha Woman. While she can be a bit overwhelming she doesn’t think she is better than you.

11. They need someone who will still give them their freedom.

The Alpha Woman needs her freedom. She will want to spend time alone here and there and you have to be aware of it. They will want to remain somewhat independent even during the relationship.

12. They need someone who doesn’t mind telling them when they make mistakes.

When the Alpha Woman makes a mistake she wants to be made aware of it. Sure, bringing it to her attention may not feel like something you want to do but it is something you will need to do. She would do the same if things were reversed. She is fine with taking responsibility but sometimes doesn’t notice things as often as others do.

13. They need someone who makes them feel loved.

She needs someone who will be there for her even in the darkest days. She wants you to make her feel loved especially on her bad days. True love is something she yearns for whether she admits to it or not.

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December 7, 2017 at 03:02AM

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