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On Sabu

Since the post I originally put this in got deleted, I'm posting it again, because it needs to be said repeatedly, since a lot of you are inbred and don't understand reality outside of the basement and Mummy's Tendies (Trademark Pending):

"I guarantee that YOU, and anyone who agrees with you, sitting in that interrogation chair, would piss your pants, call for mommy, and snitch too.

Unless you have training, or have just been beaten enough in life, no one would have behaved any differently.

This internet tough guy syndrome is a cancer, one that can easily be avoided by not being the guy that puffs up his chest like he's different...a...snowflake, you might say.

Leave the poor retard alone, he has created his own personal hell and his demons will follow him the rest of his life.

The damage is done, move on."

Anyone who disagrees with this sentiment on this subreddit, and posts ANYTHING about how you want to hurt Sabu will be treated with extreme hostility.

I will not tolerate people or groups that use Anonymous for terrorism or bullying. I ESPECIALLY have no respect for anyone dumb enough to advertise their plans or motives online in a public forum where they are asking to be put under surveillance or detained.

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