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My observations, and some questions I️ have. How should we go from here?

Please don’t be an Assange/Trump/Democratic Establishment hack. Try to analyze the situation with an objective perspective and tell me how you’re approaching Wikileaks from now on. I’ve always defended Wikileaks and Assange as their publications help further the advancement of leftist ideas and the collapse of the western neoliberal empire.

From what I’ve seen it is clear that Wikileaks had the intent of using the Trump Campaign to further an agenda. Now why?

  • It seems that they were trying to manipulate trump and his administration of cretins in order to actually spread a good message and help towards some reform. Wikileaks stooped to the level of corruption in hopes of manipulating politicians to spread awareness of corruption in the media, election system, and in the establishment. Do you think that justifies Wikileaks?

  • JA clearly is desperate for some type of pardon and/or means of political power. Personally, I️ can sympathize with him since he’s been locked up and hunted for so long. But does that justify Wikileaks hurting their image of impartiality/transparency?

I’ve been baffled about this whole thing and have been left with a bunch of questions after this whole ordeal

-Although this shows they reached out to Trump Jr to further an agenda, have they always been biased? There is no proof of them being biased in any other situations but one can’t help be be suspicious. This doesn’t provide evidence that they were withholding damaging information on Trumps campaign, but it is reasonable to be suspicious.

  • How much power does Assange have in Wikileaks? I️ on’t know how exactly their organizations leadership works. Does Assange have complete control of what does and does not get published or is it decided between a group of people? Assuming the Wikileaks organization was democratic, should and could they drop Assange for this?

  • Why was Wikileaks so sloppy all of a sudden? Wikileaks knows that Twitter DMs are monitored so why did they do all of this through Twitter when they’ve never been so unprofessional before?? Maybe Assange just became so desperate to end the manhunt against him he just got sloppy. Since we’ve never seen Wikileaks so sloppy before, I️ personally think this is probably the first time Wikileaks broke their principle of impartiality, but I️m still suspicious.

Some additional thoughts: - Everything published by Wikileaks to this date has been 100% accurate. Although this current instance shows an attempt at manipulating the political scene to push an (arguably justifiable) agenda, it should be noted that Wikileaks is still more credible than almost all if not all other western Media outlets.

  • Assange and Wikileaks broke its own principles and hurt its credibility to an extent. I️ haven’t come to a conclusion to if what Assange was doing is justifiable. There is an argument tho:
  1. The actions they did were to help advance good causes. Clinton’s election failure and leaks helped spark people to pursue political revolution. Getting Trump to speak about the things no one else does (DNC Rigging, Media corruption) is an effective means of getting the word on our fucked up system out.

  2. The manhunt on Assange and whistleblowers is without a doubt a terrible thing. Assange said on Twitter today that as ambassador he would try to protect whistleblowers and journalists, which is something that this world needs.

  3. Wikileaks rightfully exposed the massively corrupt and downright immoral actions of Clinton and a lot of establishment cronies. They used trump to help spread awareness of those actions, but they didn’t directly make Trump much more popular if at all (Approval rating is in the 20s last time checked). They were only sharing information with trump jr that exposes others, not spreading pro-trump propaganda. Trump is super unpopular and most people realize he’s shitty, but a lot of people don’t realize how shitty the rest of the establishment is as well.

-Wikileaks colluding against Clinton does not mean they were pushing a Right-Wing agenda. This is a simple observation but you’d be surprised how many liberals think this. Unless there is something I️ haven’t seen, Julian Assange appears to be far-left leaning.

-I’m disappointed in this fuck up and I’m hoping JA and Wikileaks just addresses it honestly and moves forward. I️ understand using whatever sources you can get to report, I️ really wouldn’t be mad at them for getting information from Roger Stone or Trump Jr or whoever it be. I️ only wish they would’ve been more transparent about it, and that Assange wouldn’t have been forced to go against his own principles in the first place. I️ still realize that Wikileaks leaks completely authentic information, but now I’m suspicious that they possibly could be “selectively leaking” although even after today there is no proof of them doing so. It’s a shame Wikileaks and JA can’t be viewed as 100% without a doubt credible anymore . Unfortunately this will only give the empire the ammo to convince people to censor Wikileaks and independent media.

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