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I need help (Kenneka Jenkins)

I may sound crazy but I really need help. I can promise you Kenneka Jenkins is connected to the Las Vegas shooting and I told people yesterday to avoid crowds because I knew it was going to happen again and saw Anonymous did too. I don't wantch the news but just searched for it.

It's all connected to Kenneka Jenkins, two youtubers who have been threatening people. Feds were trying to trace my tor connection on orbot and now I'm only using tails. It's a long story they have emailed me pdfs trying to find my IP I didn't open.

It's connected to a shooting at a liquor store where the victim was sent to mount Sanai the president there who donated money to Dock Ellis (stepfather of the youtuber, he is now deceased) is a man named David Reich. He is jewish too. And Ted Levine. The youtubers Jasmine Corbin/Lee/Ellis and Hjorids Ellis keep popping up in places where Steve Gore (biological resource/organ harvesting) and David Freidman keep popping up. I found "the" David Freidman or possibly a proxy for the Israeli ambassador.

People on her channel claim anonymous is helping them shut down youtube pages that disagree with them but I know it's the FBI the same ones I suspect were tryiing to ping me from the live feeds. It's a long story but I got some innocent (not really) but oblivious to this people involved and I feel guilty. I really need some help and advice. I have put some money aside to deal....I won't get into that but if I'm framed for anything or killed someone I know about will pay for it. Someone who I haven't mentioned. I'm giving them a chance to pay me off which will go towards a bigger insurance policy in case they see me as a liability and I also said I wouldn't tell anything I knew about people helping (who were I suspect youtubers who were threatened by them who were speaking through me). They won't find out who I am because my current account was never used from a wifi account that could be connected to me but it's possibly they know my general area and the obvious pdf's to locate me could be to give a false sense of security. I have another layer of protection beyond that and the VPN but I won't get into it. I'm a little afraid of that email address since it's known but I can make another wickr account or try pigeon. I never used it though I may need help.


my youtube. Theirs is #Factcheck TV where the guy claimed anonymous was getting peoples pages shut down. He claimed anonymous helped him find some girl who made an anonymous facebook page that was talking about people too but I know it's the feds. The guy I think they think might be me told me some stuff too. but I can't talk about him without possibly giving away my real identity. That guy is actually dangerous which they deserve but I feel guilty about involving him and bringing heat on him. I wasn't expecting it to get that far but I will see them coming, and he probably couldn't help them if he wanted to as far as me.

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