Pigs jump off slaughterhouse truck; golden retriever saves baby deer from drowning – Compilation

1. 13, June, 2014 — Two pigs made the front page of the internet in 2014 for courageous jumps to freedom. One famous pig was from South America and the other from China. 2. 12, January, 2017 — 2017 started out horribly for one Michigan man, who spent New Year’s Day injured and helpless in the snow. Luckily, it was man’s best friend to the rescue.
3. 25, May, 2016 — In 2016, CCTV captured graphic footage of a cow appearing to rescue a young girl from being attacked by two men Madhya Pradesh’s Gwalior area of India.
4. 18, July, 2017 — Man’s best friend came to the rescue of a drowning deer on Sunday, but it took a few more good Samaritans to really keep bambi out of the water.
5. 27, December, 2014 — A hippo jumped from a truck and broke some teeth and a leg while it was being transported from a shelter in Miaoli to Skyzoo recreational farm in Taichung.
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October 9, 2017 at 08:45AM

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