Passengers looked on it horror as an American Airlines plane burst into flames as it was in an airport.

The plane caught fire at Hong Kong International Airport and had been due to fly from the city to Las Vegas.

The Boeing 777 was next to the terminal shortly after 5pm local time (10am GMT) when the first ripped through the side of the plane.

One man was injured as he tried to escape the flames, although there are no official details as to his condition.

According to the American Airlines website AA192, originally scheduled to take off at 6.10pm has been cancelled.

The fire was put out by firefighters as passengers watched the drama from the safety of the terminal building.

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Footage from inside the airport shows families, including a young child, looking at the huge flames through the glass.

Many people recorded the extraordinary scene on their mobile phones.

Photos of the plane after the fire was extinguished shows water damaged cardboard boxes scattered on the floor beneath the passenger jet.

American Airlines has been approached for comment.

(Image: @ChinaAvReview/Twitter)

(Image: @ChinaAvReview/Twitter)